Games on the Ethereum network continue to set the standard in the DAPPS ecosystem, becoming the blockchain applications with the greatest presence on the Ethereum platform; a comparative study of Dapps highlights this.

Skirmantas Januškas, founder of the decentralized application radar, recently shared an analysis of the current situation of the Dapps in the Ethereum network, which highlights that in the last 2 months have been generated in this network a total of 250 Dapps, of which more than 70% are focused on the games and entertainment sector.

Cryptokitties, ethermons and etherbots – among other games based on collectable tokens – have taken over the Ethereum network with 184 new applications running on the platform. Also, some camouflaged ponzi schemes like these games have spread across the network, becoming a threat to watch out for.

eth network
Games are the most popular applications on the Ethereum network. Source: DappRadar.

The top 5 games in the network are led by Cryptokitties, with a monstrous transaction volume of 64.30 ethers in the last 24 hours and a balance of 612.95 ethers in the application’s smart contract, followed by Ethercraft with 176 ethers in its contract, Ethermons with 140.72 ethers, FishBank with 0.09 ethers and Etherbots with 1,122 ethers.

This significant growth in collectible games can be seen not only in the graphics of DappRadar, but also in the significant processing space occupied by these applications in Ethereum’s blockchain. For example, Cryptokitties would recently have managed to take 30% of Ethereum’s transaction volume and have also exceeded the expectations of fundraising for a collectible token platform.

In this sense, Ethermons and Etherbots have also offered Ethereum a diversification of their ERC20/ERC721 tokens, motivating virtual reality projects and increasingly capturing the attention of collectors as a new method of investment and entertainment.


However, although the gaming sector is the category with the greatest presence, it is not the one with the highest number of users or the highest volume of transactions by Ethereum. Entertainment Dapps have a total of 2,472 daily users, or 26.69% of Dapps users; and 2,277 transactions, which represent 2.82% of the transactions of these Dapps tools.

In this sense, the category with the largest number of users and the highest volume of transactions is “other”, the sector in which DappsRadar brought together all of Ethereum’s various applications, including decentralized exchange platforms such as ForkDelta and decentralized social networks such as Leeroy.

eth network 1
The various applications are the ones that have the highest transaction volume of all Ethereum Dapps, surpassing the gaming and market sector. Source: RadaDapps.

This category has 6,556 users visiting daily, a total of 70.78% of the people using the latest Dapps. It is also estimated that these applications have a daily transaction volume of 69,003 ethers, numbers that represent a total of 88.54% of the Dapps transactions.

Another sector that is increasingly gaining strength and presence is decentralized casinos – platforms that are based on smart contracts and not on third-party administration – which have 24 new applications on the Ethereum network (9.20% of total Dapps), 121 regular users day by day (1.31% of total users of these applications) and a significant volume of transactions estimated at 6,641 daily transactions.

Last but not least, there is the category of decentralized exchanges, networks suitable for selling tokens with greater exposure. These Ethereum tools have a public constant of 114 people per day and a moderate transaction flow of 9.89 transactions per day, numbers that are equivalent to a tiny 0.01% of the total Dapps transaction volume.

In line with the statistics, DappsRadar said that both the various applications and entertainment platforms are sectors most likely to continue growing in the future, since the first group could generate new categories and specialize in the market, while the game industry Ethereum promises to continue to attract more and more attention and users to their networks.


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