Since the birth of Bitcoin, the uses of blockchain platforms apart from finance have been multiple and varied. All sorts of things began to be recorded in the block chain. Among these platforms with extra-financial features, Ethereum stands out, a blockchain in which many Dapps (decentralized applications) have been created, among which we find a good number of games and collectable digital objects or items.

By now we can buy a lot of things with cryptocoins – especially Bitcoin: clothes, cars and even houses valued in thousands of dollars. But high-value physical things aren’t the only thing the ecosystem fanatics are buying for thousands or millions of dollars. Digital objects based on blockchain, to collect or play have been highly revalued, which has surprised more than a few people, both inside and outside the cryptocommunity. In fact, digital collectible items, while not tangible, have become one of the most popular and beneficial types of investments.

In this article we will review the top 5 of blockchain-based digital objects that have been sold by the highest value.


The Forever Rose is an art piece designed by Kevin Abosch, an artist famous for selling a picture of a potato for over a million dollars. Abosch decided to join the boom of blockchain technology with the creation of this piece, which is a unique rose registered with a smart contract from the Ethereum network.


As announced, the unique rose – or the only token of the contract – was sold on February 14, 2018 for $1 million, making it the highest value blockchain-based digital object ever and the first in our count. The Forever Rose was sold to a group of 10 buyers, who paid an equal share of the amount, using the GTO (GIFTO token) coins and the IAMA, which was in fact created for artistic purposes by Kevin Abosch. The 10 buyers each received 1/10 of the ROSE token, which is divisible.

It was reported that at the time of the sale, more than 150 buyers were interested in the rose, so a lottery was held to determine the 10 buyers who could be the lucky owners of the work on that Valentine’s Day, the “proof of love in the blockchain”.


By now the vast majority of those who follow the new developments in the crypto and blockchain ecosystem must have heard of Cryptokitties. This is a gaming platform on Ethereum, where users can buy, sell, collect and play with digital kittens. The prices of each digital cat vary according to its gene and other characteristics.

This collection game, soon after it emerged, caused a great furore and even collapsed the Ethereum network due to the large number of transactions made with the kitten token. Initially they cost a dollar or two; then they cost more than $5,000.


That was just the beginning, as the most expensive Cryptokittie so far is number 18, according to Kittysales. This kitten, called Founder Cat, is Gen 0 and was sold on December 6 of last year for 253,3368 ETH, which at the moment was equivalent to 110,707.16 dollars (100,559.5093 dollars at the current price of ethers).

Founder Cat dethroned the first crypto: the number 1 cryptokitty called Genesis -also Gen 0-, which was sold for 246,9255 ETH on December 2, 2017. Genesis by now ranks third below Fluffy Founder, the number 4 kitten and Gen 0 which was sold for 247,000 ethers on exactly the same day as Founder Cat.

Among other famous cats that could be valued in thousands of dollars, the ones that were given by Wikileaks to the president of the United States, Donald Trump, and his opponent during the presidential elections, Hillary Clinton, are noteworthy.


That’s how we got to the third one on our list. The Rarepepes, which originated from the Pepe frog and became a phenomenon of the Internet and memes in general, are a big part of the crypto world. At the beginning of 2018, one of the most expensive Rarepepepe cards in history was auctioned for $39,000: the Homer Pepe.

In the framework of the art festival, the aforementioned card broke the record of valuation when it was auctioned for 350,000 pepe cash, the cryptocurrency that serves as a currency for the purchase of rare pepes and is associated with the green character. The letter, part of the “7 unique rares of the Earth”, was acquired by Peter Kell who commented that: “I definitely did not anticipate buying this earlier. I’m a big fan of crypto coins in general, but until recently I never really understood the whole PepeCash/Digital Arts movement in blockchain.

Also, another of the most expensive pepe cards in history is the one called LORDKEK. It was bought for about $25,000 by its eight owners. This card had been the most expensive in the history of the bitcoiner and crypto-currency ecosystem until Homer Pepe took the throne away from him.


CryptoPunks are collectible images that “live” on the Ethereum platform. Also earlier this year, CryptoPunk #7804 became the most expensive 24×24 pixel image of the crypto world and now ranks 4th on our list. This character with pipe was sold for 12 ether, which at the time of the transaction translated into about 4,745 dollars and by this time would be about 4,767 dollars.

These characters from the Larva Labs company are usually mostly boys and girls with a punk look; however, there are also characters with an alien and zombie look. At first there were 10,000 and they were even available free of charge, but then they climbed and whoever wants to have one must buy it from the person who initially claimed it or its subsequent owners.


That brings us to fifth place on our list: the Deus ETH game tokens. They are part of a reality show / visual novel in which 50 tokenized characters interact…

These tokens, or heroes, have been marketed at 0.8 ETH maximum, as the team told us after the interesting proposal. However, by now one of the heroes, called Rock, is offering himself in the platform market for 956 ETH. But this does not mean that someone will pay that price. The Deus ETH proposal is perhaps another one, one that is more about fun with the story that is built in each episode and the operation of technology than the trade in collectibles. That’s how they told us about it:

There’s no madness in cryptogames. We have few exchanges per week in our market and most of them have a price of 0.8 ETH with the initial price of 0.3. But that will change before the end when only a few heroes will stay alive.

And it really has every chance of increasing its price, because in this kind of reality show-lottery, only three of the heroes will be alive, so it remains to be seen how much the victorious characters could be worth.


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