Cryptocurrency platform Midex made an experiment to find out the correlation existence between people’s intelligent index and their attitude to the cryptocurrencies and blockchain-technology.

The experiment was passed by people who have absolutely polar position about perspective of cryptocurrency in the modern world. There were 1000 people from 7 different European countries (Spain, France, UK, Germany, Poland, Russia, Estonia). So, participants were divided into 2 identical groups.

The first group represented people, who had tokens and were able to continue investing in cryptocurrency industry. The second group was full of people categorically rejecting the idea of any digital coins and, moreover, they won’t plan to buy cryptocurrency in the foreseeable future. Ergo, both groups passed D. Eysenck’s classical IQ test.

As a result, the average IQ index of the first group, who are tokenholders was 102,4 and for the second group this index amounted to 100,3. The difference between the two groups was only 2.1 points – but according to Eysenck’s classification, these are different levels of meaning.

The average score of the first group is the average level of intelligence (from 91 to 100), the second group – a high level of average indicators (from 101 to 110).

However, it’s interesting to note that the first group had comparatively smooth results, while for the second group the amplitude of the difference was relatively large. The record result was 139 points and a kind of anti-record – 82 points.

So, it’s curious that both results was shown by the participants who don’t accept the idea of purchasing cryptocurrency.

Ergo, it’s not the first time Midex conducting such experiments using different resources. And, moreover, to get clear results our company hire specialists in sociological research to implement Midex ideas.

As for Midex craving for experiments, recently they conducted the experiment with 50 participants and 5 international charitable organizations that are not related to cryptocurrencies.

To do the experiment, Midex recorded the reactions of several subjects with hidden cameras ( and then posted the video on its official YouTube channel. Overall, the study found that 36% of the workers were willing to accept a portion of the salary with cryptocurrencies; while 2 of the employees agreed to accept the entire salary with those assets.

Midex is interested in such experiments as they help us to develop own project and understand clients. Moreover, Midex likes performing such ideas as they are very useful not only for the crypto society, but for the whole world. The aim is not only to sell tokens to attract financing, but also to make various researches, which are important for understanding the community preferences. So, Midex hope that company will continue to bring different creative experiments to life.


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