8 Circuit Studios, group of veteran gaming industry talents with over a century of combined experience working at leading publishers such as Nintendo, Microsoft and Electronic Arts, hopes to use blockchain, cryptocurrency, and other collaboration tools to build the Metaverse.

Metaverse is the digital universe envisioned in novels by William Gibson and Neal Stephenson and featured in movies Ready Player OneTRON, and The Matrix.

The newly-formed team is basically building a platform using the Ethereum blockchain that aims to eliminate the barriers between game worlds. In Metaverse, players would own their own “Smart Game Objects” and carry them over between games. Simultaneously, they’re inventing new solutions that would allow game publishers and developers to explore new revenue streams that take this fundamental shift into account.

In the fictional Metaverse, visitors can traverse different virtual environments, maintaining an illusion of reality throughout — with a consistent, yet privacy-protected avatar, carrying with them the various objects that maintain usefulness and utility within (yet also specific to) each reality.

“We have a background in gaming, and it seems like a perfect fit for blockchains,”

said James Mayo, navigator and president of 8 Circuit Studios, in an interview with GamesBeat.

“We want to get blockchains and cryptocurrency into the hands of the average person. “We’ve looked at the worlds of Ready Player One, The Matrix, and other alternative realities. What we need to make them possible is a global currency that can function at the speed of light.”

8 Circuit Studios is currently developing two games: Alien Arsenal: Battle for the Blockchainreleasing in Spring 2018, and the self-aware A.I. focused D-PARC, releasing in 2019.

Alien Arsenal: Battle for the Blockchain – A mobile game for iOS and Android, Alien Arsenal: Battle for the Blockchain is a cooperative boss battling game where players collaborate with others to defeat invading bosses to win prizes and glory. Collect and evolve an arsenal of aliens, then trade, buy, sell and/or gift them with complete freedom on the Ethereum blockchain. Alien Arsenal is designed to make it easy and fun to play with blockchains without having to download wallets, plugins or navigate the often confusing world of cryptocurrencies.

D-PARC – A deep space survival game for console and Windows PC, D-PARC allows players to create a character that can live forever on the blockchain. D-PARC fuses first-person shooter gameplay with space combat in a galaxy where choices matter and have permanent consequences. Players inhabit an A.I. that learns that it must choose between self-sacrifice to save the last vestiges of the human race or opt for self-determination to embark on its own destiny. [GlobalNewswire]



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