After a long time Tezos ICO, which has been quite for some time, is finally here with their new technology to the masses.

Previously, Tezos had faced many outside problems but finally they’ve made breakthrough.

Now, they have a new team who has sorted out all the issues and a new technology which will finally get them investors.

Though Tezos has been around and despite not being very much successful, they were still able to raise $232 million during the process. However, the project has been many a times faced with different problems which also includes some legal issues.

Now, they have finally overcome all their problems and this non-profit foundation has finally put together a new team.

tezos ico

Though the company still have some issues to solve but the technology they’ve introduced is finally coming together.

During the past weeks, Tezos technology is getting closer to enter its beta stage and finally being available to the masses.

Also it is still unclear if it will be a beta for public testing or maybe a private trial.

One thing which is obvious here is that all of these hardships have made Tezos mature and have strengthened their roots.

A very important thing to notice here is that Tezos project did all this pretty fast as it took a lot less than what people were expecting. One reason behind this brisk turnaround are those team members who stepped forward to solve those long lurking issues of the project.

A notable mentioned here is RYAN JESPERSON who has been the key person in solving one of the insolvable issues which really defined the future of Tezos.

Investors are now waiting for the availability of Tezos tokens. Though the ICO has been around for quite a while now and they should have made their tokens available for purchase but this did not happen yet.

A big reason is the structural amendments currently being deployed in its infrastructure.

As per news, Tezos is expected to launch publicly in the Q3 of 2018 and is hoping to take the crypto-world by leaps and bounds.



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