The first week of May is already about to end and we already have some exciting crypto news for you. In fact, there is a lot to talk about the cryptocurrency.

Really want to know what has happened from April 30-May4?

Well, I won’t keep you waiting more. Let us dive straight into the top crypto news so far.

April 30 – May 1

On Monday and Tuesday, we witnessed the cryptocurrency market both in green and red zone. If we see the trend on April 30, BitShares and Lisk were quite high whereas on May 1, nearly all the top ten coins were in red zone while BTC Private shot sky high.

Other than these ups and downs, here are some important announcements that were made both on Monday and Tuesday:

  • Iran bans Telegram
  • SBI Holdings launches a new Crypto Exchange
  • Circle adds ZCash to the Circle Invest app
  • Hong Kong says that BTC is Medium-Low risk
  • Asutralian securities and exchange adds blockchain
  • Iran to test Virtual Currency
  • London Block Exchange recently added Ethereum Classic and BTC Cash

May 2- May 4

On Wednesday, majority of the coins on the market really kicked in the green zone. All of the top ten coins were trading up.

Some of the alternative coins like the Lisk, VeChain and Monero peaked on Wednesday.

On Thursday, once again the top ten crypto coins were in the green zone whereas EOS, Tron and Stellar were in the red.

On May 4, yesterday, nearly all of the coins were going up and down in a floating/sinking pattern but BTC, ETH and XRP were up while EOS, Cardano and Stellar are down.

Here are the major announcements during the last couple of days which appeared in news:

  • Blockchain opens a new office in San Francisco
  • Panmunjom Declaration was recorded on ETH blockchain
  • FTC announced that they will hold a workshop on June in order to educate people on the rising crypto scams
  • BTC payments to return to reddit
  • Richard Branson opens up about the BTC and other crypto scams
  • Godman Sachs announces that they will launch BTC futures contracts very soon
  • JPMorgan files a patent for the Blockchain-Power P2P payments


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